Welcome to my personal website.

Unlike most web pages,  this site is not designed for self-promotion.  If anything it more to express who I am, my interests, my view, and my opinions.   It’s funny even mentioning this because, from what I know about my on-going spiritual work, the idea of a self, having views and opinions are something that enlightened people let go of (because they are not really us anyway). However, this is part of what I hope the site expresses.

The site, like anything else, will be a work in progress.  There will be an on-going blog page where I will touch on many subjects. I will also attempt to share some of my personal interests in music and meditation and the world in specific pages. I will use this space to discuss my world views about politics, government, religion, and the environment.

In regards to meditation, I have a sister site where I focus on Buddhism and Recovery http://marinmindfulrecovery.com/  Some of the issues I discuss on that site will move over here as they do not directly relate to recovery per se.  However, meditation and recovery are all intertwined in the struggle of life is for all of us.

In many cases, I will go against what is the common focus of daily life and outlook for most human beings.  I hope this challenges both me and you in this manner.

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