Honest – Open – Willing (Part 1)

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So we are past the holiday season and my website has been up for a few weeks now with no posts to show for it. Just got past I not feeling well again (this time the flu/cold on top of my ongoing sinus issues). So, as usual, I find myself persevering.  However, I also find myself somewhat inspired to share. I am sure this is partially due to the approaching new year but there are many more reasons also.

I am a little unclear and conflicted as to why I would have a “personal” website.  I guess the main drive I have is to somehow convince you, who are reading this, of my honesty, and sincerity, and the correctness of my worldview. I see many dangers ahead for humanity and feel helpless to do anything about it.

We have ways today to communicate with others and to some extent, I will continue to use them.  Social Media is a great and convenient way to stay connected with the many friends, acquaintances, and family members that I have been blessed to add over the years but that I cannot easily find the time to stay in direct touch with.

In Social Media, how we get to know each other is inferred by what we post or share. When we travel or runabout, we can check into cool places and share photos of where we are or where we have been.  We can give updates on the details of our day to day lives – who we are hanging out with or connecting with and our daily struggles. There are those who scream for individual attention and those who express their opinions about the worldly causes/issues they feel are important. These forms of expression provide a glimpse of WHO WE WANT PEOPLE TO THINK WHO WE ARE. Lately, I have found that this form of communication very limiting, primarily because there is too much information squeezed into too small an area.  It all runs into each other and is lost in the other sea of importances (I just made that word up) and things to notice.

Hence the blog.

Many people yearn for the simpler times.  I know that to be partially a matter of choice.  Being compelled to interact with the world how do I do so where I do not perpetuate the same evils I see in our institutions. It appears, that in many aspects of society, things are being turned on their head.  We have been lead to believe that we could trust our sources of information and that the great institutions would watch out for us. The education system is supposed to be based on teaching us about how the world works so that can become citizens who contribute to both our personal needs and the needs of society. The core principles of journalism are that it is truthful and accurate, independent, fair and impartial, humane, and accountable to the public good. Policing and Government is meant to keep us from harm – to create a safe and sane society – based on fairness and the greater good.

My childhood was not normal from the idealized view of the typical American family.  No white picket fence around a home that the family had for generations, no dad going off to work in the morning and coming home to a home-cooked meal, no growing up with life-long friends who I am still in touch with today.

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